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Why Vantage Clever was born

So many strategic marketers are continually diluting their skills to cover the breadth of marketing tasks. This causes two main problems.

First, whilst completing any operational or administration task, they are not concentrating on the marketing strategy or gaining revenue/customers/selling products. Second, it has never been more important to have specialists who are truly experts in their area and can maximise your results with minimal effort.

After delivering this guidance within several companies, Karla Wentworth decided to create a business that would drive dedicated marketing operations efficiencies across multiple companies.

Our purpose is to save companies money, increase their output and maximise their revenue by demonstrating best practice marketing operations practices within any sized marketing department.

How we maximise your marketing potential

Our team of marketing operations consultants, posses the skills and experience to identify improvements across the marketing landscape and quickly help you to deliver benefits.

Strategic Leaders

From running transformation programs for large multi national companies to leading strategic change across  varying sized organisations, our leaders understand people and know how to empower, engage and encourage – driving the results you need

Expert Product Owners

Having certified product owners enables us to take your ideas and make them reality. We can quickly understand your products and how to get them operationally ready for market – and delivering results – fast

Scrum Owners

Our certified scrum owners have the experience and the know how to transform your marketing teams. The combination of our operations and analytical experience, teamed with our agile and lean six sigma skills, we have the people that you need to drive real change

Board Level Strategists

From developing new strategies which can transform existing businesses to the detailed sequencing of events that need to happen in order to achieve success, our board level consultants have the expertise, knowledge and communication skills necessary to drive the right discussions and take teams from good to great

Creative Operations

Striking the right balance between the creative process and operational functionality that delivers products can be tricky. Creative’s need to be left to create, not distracted to much by process. This is where our creative operations consultants come in. They understand a creative’s needs and can design, develop and implement the tools necessary to drive high performing creative teams

Risk & Governance Specialists

All too often a topic marketing teams dread, but when you understand your boundaries you can drive creative solutions. With consultants who understand supplier relationship, regulatory processes and contractual obligations, we can help you solve any concern and free your marketing potential 

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